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Web content: towards a necessary “accessibility-first” approach

24 August 2023 By Alessandro Borellini

“The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” Tim Berners-Lee, inventore del World Wide Web...

shopping online

Phase 3: shopping habits and unexplored opportunities

7 July 2020 By Laura Quarti

Federico Corradini (CEO and Founder of XChannel) had announced it in March, “We are living in an epochal change concerning the customers here in Italy. (...) Th...

Covid19 impatto sul web

CoVid-19 effect: also the web has to deal with the pandemic

8 May 2020 By Francesca Tessarollo

We have been talking of Coronavirus for months and by now we are all aware that the ongoing pandemic has had an influence on each aspect of our lives as well as...

Retail Covid19

Pandemic: the human aspect of retailers in full crisis

30 March 2020 By Laura Quarti

One month after the burst of Coronavirus in Italy, let’s have a look at its effects on every sector of the world of retail. These days, as the contagion was spr...

SocialCommerce 1920

Social commerce: towards an increasingly social shopping

14 February 2020 By Anna Messina

Nowadays social networks are one of the most popular channels to get inspired for shopping and to discover new products. Social selling is changing the marketin...

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Chatbot: the virtual assistant available h24

3 July 2019 By Anna Messina

Imagine that you have an assistant always next to you helping you managing all your daily working urgencies. Who wouldn’t like to have something like that? This...

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Values ​​and digital community: humanity in innovation

10 December 2018 By Laura Quarti

The year that is going to end was characterized by a great debate in the world of retail about the effects of digitalization in terms of advantages and difficul...

Retail Apocalypse Copertina2

Retail Apocalypse: engagement at the base of the retail future

17 May 2018 By Laura Quarti

It is called “Retail Apocalypse”.Begun in 2010 in North America, it has affected the whole world of retail, resulting in the closing of around 9,000 stores in t...

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The war of the worlds - online and offline retail are at the total clash

12 February 2018

Shopping, like all human activities, has developed through decades. From the first malls raised in the States and Great Britain between the 19th and 20th centur...