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comunicazione digital ONLUS

Non-profit and social media: digital in support of the good

17 July 2020 By Anna Messina

It's a well-known fact that digital media are important, but sometimes people think that certain rules do not apply to some sectors. This is often the case of n...


How to realize a good social media report

19 June 2020 By Alice Manza

Whether you are a freelancer, the owner of a company or a social media manager working for an agency, at some point you will have to face the necessity of evalu...

Covid19 impatto sul web

CoVid-19 effect: also the web has to deal with the pandemic

8 May 2020 By Francesca Tessarollo

We have been talking of Coronavirus for months and by now we are all aware that the ongoing pandemic has had an influence on each aspect of our lives as well as...

Covid 19 credibilita brand

Brand identity: what matters is remaining credible

17 April 2020 By Redazione

The sanitary emergence is not over yet, but we can certainly see how consumers’ habits have strongly changed. Brands have to face a new challenge: understanding...

Obiettivo target social

Your target on social media: 4 ways to reach it

13 March 2020 By Alice Manza

According to the latest estimates carried out by Socialbakers, 3 billion people will be active on social networks in 2020.In a context that is becoming more and...

SocialCommerce 1920

Social commerce: towards an increasingly social shopping

14 February 2020 By Anna Messina

Nowadays social networks are one of the most popular channels to get inspired for shopping and to discover new products. Social selling is changing the marketin...