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BERT algoritmo google copywriting

BERT, the algorithm that rewards content on the web

31 January 2020 By Francesca Tessarollo

Bugbear and guide at once, Google has been marking the evolution of content editors and copywriters in the last few years (at least when it comes to digital). B...


Live posting: how to manage a social coverage

10 October 2019 By Anna Messina

You’ve been planning everything for weeks, your campaigns achieved the desired results, the tickets on Eventbrite are sold out and the buffet you’ve organized c...

basta con le parole stock copertina

Copywriting: say no to “stock words”

2 October 2019 By Francesca Tessarollo

Plastic words and linguistic clichés you need to avoid to write (and speak) betterThink about this situation: you see a full-page advert, a Facebook post, a bil...

iStock 669060294

The new consumer: whom will you talk to in 2021?

17 September 2019 By Alice Manza

The consumers’ landscapes is getting more and more complex and the actions of the individual are getting more and more fragmented: new forces and dynamics are i...

comunucazione di brand e politica

Advertising and social: when brands make politics

23 July 2019 By Francesca Tessarollo

Se negli ultimi tempi vi siete fermati a guardare con attenzione le campagne pubblicitarie e social dei maggiori brand, vi sarete anche accorti che sempre più s...

chatbot cover2

Chatbot: the virtual assistant available h24

3 July 2019 By Anna Messina

Imagine that you have an assistant always next to you helping you managing all your daily working urgencies. Who wouldn’t like to have something like that? This...