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Our commitment to people and the territory

We are an agency that looks far ahead, but we are deeply connected to our territory. For this reason we are committed to the growth of the community in which we work, aware that we also play a social role within it. Our strategic business vision cannot overlook ethical implications: this is why we undertake concrete projects that can have a positive impact on people and the territory.

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Our attention to the territory and to the impact of our actions on society has led us to meet and collaborate with two non-profit associations: Team for Children, committed to supporting patients of the Department of Pediatric Oncohematology of the hospital of Padua, L'Isola che c'è, which deals with children with pain and incurable problems, supporting the activities of the Pediatric Hospice of Padua and LILT Padova, committed to spreading and promoting the culture of cancer prevention. We give them our support by dealing with multiple communication activities and with the promotion of charity events. A relationship characterized by a mutual exchange and from which our whole team receives a lot, not only in professional terms, but especially in human terms.



We have at heart the concept of corporate social responsibility. Our agency has been recognized as a socially responsible company following the research "The impacts of social strategy innovation on business models" promoted in 2018 by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, University of Padua and University of Verona and funded by Region Veneto within the FSE project "Responsabilmente". A recognition that means a lot to us, and that has been assigned to us in virtue of the impact that our social responsibility policies have had in terms of:

- environment
- territorial community
- workplace and business organization



A further evidence of our commitment to the territory and to the people working within the agency is given by the assignment of the European tender POR FESR 3.5.1.A, established to reward the most deserving enterprises based on various criteria: YAK Agency, in particular, ranked first among thousands of companies in the region Veneto thanks above all to innovation, sustainability and the solidity of the business project. A recognition that makes us proud especially because it acknowledges our commitment to innovation and sustainability, two elements that are notably important to us. Innovation is certainly one of our watchwords: our working method, indeed, is the result of continuous study and improvement, which allowed us to reach a high level of specialization in precise areas. And it is just innovation that YAK Agency will continue to focus on, investing the grant we have received in technology and training for our employees.