We’re telling you a story. 

A real one, not a fairy-tale.
Like all the most memorable stories, also YAK Agency’s tale begins with “once upon a time”:

Once upon a time, there were two agencies, ADV Media Studio and Voice2Media, which had known each other for a long time and one day decided to come together…

YAK Agency was borne of the union of two existing agencies with two different, yet complementary essences, which found a common ground in some fundamental points: utmost importance to quality, inclination for internationality, development and enhancement of specific skills, specialization in three sectors (sport, tourism, and retail) that - no wonder - are also our common passions.

The union of the agencies did not lead to a bare sum of different skills and experiences, but generated a completely new reality, made up of interpenetration and communication, exchange of ideas and continuous mutual improvement.

Today YAK Agency is a unique center for the conception, development and dissemination of complete, diversified and valuable communication and branding projects.

But this is not the happy ending of our story.

It's our happy starting



Why YAK?

“YAK like the animal” We’re always asked about that. The answer is yes. We have chosen the YAK because it represents us. It is a tireless animal that has no competition in its own ecological niche. It is an irreplaceable workmate for those who want to reach the top. 

At YAK Agency we are just like this: we offer unique services and skills, being specialized in sectors where we are really experts. We like to work hard to improve the level of our work more and more and to bring our clients to the top. 

Our objective is helping companies and associations to tell their own story in the most efficient and personal way. How? Providing strategy consulting and all the operational tools that are needed for the communication and promotion of the brand. We put our specific skills at your disposal, which we have gained through continuous and specific training and a long fieldwork.

This is us. This is YAK Agency.

Ask us for a consultancy.

We have told you our story.
Now it is time to tell yours.

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