Attracting those people that are actively looking for a solution to a need that you can satisfy with one of your products or services: this is what we do working on Search Engine Advertising platforms. Intent-based channels, which can offer endless business opportunities and help you reach your target. 

gestione campagne SEA

SEA campaign management (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and Amazon search)

We provide search engine advertising services. We manage SEA (Search Engine Advertising) campaigns on Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, and Amazon Search, giving you a concrete support, aimed at increasing reputation, gaining targeted contacts, and selling online/offline. From the initial analysis to the campaign activation, and to a constant and continuous optimization of levers like keywords, audience, place, device, and budget, our experts will help you get the most out of every campaign.

google partner

Google certified agency

Being a certified Google agency means having the chance to use all the necessary instruments to offer the best to our clients, thanks to the dedicated Google assistance for the EMEA area (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and to the possibility to access Google products and services when they are in beta phase: a “priority access” that gives us the chance to be among the first to implement new types of campaigns and more accurate monitoring systems.

dashboard analisi

Personalized analysis and dashboard

Our skills as a Search and Performance Marketing agency are proved by the certifications obtained by our consultants on all the main search engines and on data analysis dashboards, like GA4 and Data Studio. Thanks to our experience we can support you in reading and understanding reports and dashboards, transforming data into business information. We know well that it is not enough to collect data, you also need to know how to interpret them and use them in your favor.

Data-driven approach and consulting

Providing efficient PPC campaign management services requires a scientific and analytical approach, in addition to the knowledge of advanced bid and feed management technologies. Thanks to the skills we got on the field, our consultants are ready to guide you to perform actions aimed at maximizing the return of investments of adv, always with a data-driven approach: we start from objective data and not by perceptions to take any decision and define effective strategies.

In this way we can help your company reach the set goals using all the channels in a synergic way, monitoring and maximizing results.