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eSports: a “treasure hunt” for brands, leagues and clubs

28 February 2020 By Lorenzo Pestugia

A global business of 906 million dollars that is going to grow and reach the amazing amount of 2,96 billion dollars in 2022. An audience of 380 million users.A ...

SocialCommerce 1920

Social commerce: towards an increasingly social shopping

14 February 2020 By Anna Messina

Nowadays social networks are one of the most popular channels to get inspired for shopping and to discover new products. Social selling is changing the marketin...

BERT algoritmo google copywriting

BERT, the algorithm that rewards content on the web

31 January 2020 By Francesca Tessarollo

Bugbear and guide at once, Google has been marking the evolution of content editors and copywriters in the last few years (at least when it comes to digital). B...

Copertina 2

PADDLE: from niche game to mass sport

30 October 2019 By Enrico Beda

Clubs springing up like mushrooms, tournaments that multiply before your eyes, sports facilities modified to meet the requests of group of friends or prominent ...

retail 4.0

Retail 4.0: the era of new S.M.A.R.T. tools

24 October 2019 By Laura Quarti

The key ingredient for an effective customer engagement is not only providing products and services to people, but also contents that will make them keep in con...


Global Branding & New Business in Italian football

17 October 2019 By Lorenzo Pestugia

Over 1.5 million members, 17 million tickets sold in 2018 an economic impact that exceeds 3 billion euro a year: football is still the main sport movement in It...