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come fare un house organ3

Everything you need to know before you start working on a house organ

19 September 2022 By Francesca Tessarollo

We have already dealt with house organs, their functions and developments through history. A house organ, decades after it was born (and in spite of the problem...


What are KPIs and which ones to monitor in a digital strategy?

14 July 2022 By Giulia Scordari

It is systematic for every Digital Strategist, the customer asks how the communication strategy of the company or brand is performing and a simple summary will ...


Photo coverage of a sporting event: 7 practical tips for professional reportage

7 June 2022 By Enrico Beda

Recounting a sporting event means telling the crucial moments that mark it: the moment of the goal, the tension before the start, the fatigue at the end of a ra...

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Athlete and social network: how important is personal branding?

6 April 2022 By Chiara Ferrante

They are considered real influencers. The number of their followers increases exponentially, after successful sports performances. We are talking about professi...

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Sponsorships: are betting & gaming good for sport?

23 February 2022 By Chiara Ferrante

The gaming and betting phenomenon have ancient roots. Lead back even to the birth of humanity. In the time of Ceaser, people bet on public performances, gladiat...

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Why is the cost of paper rising? Why are printing costs rising?

17 January 2022 By Francesca Tessarollo

Between October 2021 and January 2022, the market witnessed a strong growth in paper and paperboard prices. As a result, printing and typography costs have incr...