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Tokyo 2020: discovering the new Olympic sports

31 July 2019 By Enrico Beda

The countdown to Tokyo 2020 has started: there is one year left to the inauguration of the 32nd modern Olympic Games, which will be hosted in the Japanese capit...

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Sport sponsorships: a growing trend

25 June 2019 By Lorenzo Pestugia

The global spending for sport sponsorships continues to grow. At the global level the total spending reached the record amount of 65,8 billion dollars in 2018, ...

Running in Cina1

The "running" phenomenon in China. A business opportunity for Italian marathons and companies?

23 April 2019 By Lorenzo Pestugia

Outdoor sports that don’t require specific facilities are becoming more and more popular, as they have never been before in the recent past. One of the discipli...

Il pubblico di Anterselva durante la Coppa del Mondo 2020

Biathlon in the focus of advertisers

15 March 2019 By Enrico Beda

Cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Lets start from here, describing Biathlon with a simplification. A niche sport that is experiencing an exponential grow...

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Dongqiudi: football from China

5 February 2019 By Lorenzo Pestugia

A journey of discovery of the largest Chinese football platform, which offers an innovative, cultural bridge for European sport to create brand identity in a ri...


Professional leagues embrace esports

10 December 2018 By Marco Vettoretti

From the NBA 2K League to the ePremier League, to the UEFA eChampions League: pro-leagues all over the world are embracing the esports world.Artreyo Boyd is an ...