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We are a full-service communication agency specialized in three main sectors: Sport, Tourism and Retail. We know how to create valuable communication and marketing projects in each of these fields, using the most appropriate tools and channels.

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Sport is our daily bread, our passion and our job.
From the narration of national and international sporting events to the promotion of brands and products, here are some of the projects we follow in the sport industry.

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Traveling: a word that encompasses different meanings and connotations. An ever-changing sector, which must be approached with appropriate tools and methods.

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How to tell about the world of retail? In a word: experience. Shopping or going to a mall doesn't just mean buying a product, but also living many different experiences. Here's how we put this concept into practice.

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Sport, Tourism and Retail: free time is a serious matter for us. That's why we treat it with utmost competence and professionalism. We are an international and multilingual communications agency: we provide services in Italian, English and Chinese and we have worked in 65 countries worldwide.

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