rete di ricerca google ads

Google Ads: one platform, many networks

21 March 2023 By Vincenzo Calabrò

How do you choose the right type of campaign for your business and your goals? Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to promote th...

netflix tv

Ads on Netflix: how to do make “TUDUM” with Microsoft Advertising

2 November 2022 By Vincenzo Calabrò

From its inception in 1997 to the present day, Netflix has always spoken out against the placement of advertising such as pre-rolls and pop-ups during the viewi...


iOS 14: the update that all the advertisers fear

13 May 2021 By Anna Messina

Announced almost a year ago, Apple's iOS 14 update has finally arrived on users' mobile devices, bringing with it a major impact on Facebook Ads and everything ...

Covid19 impatto sul web

CoVid-19 effect: also the web has to deal with the pandemic

8 May 2020 By Francesca Tessarollo

We have been talking of Coronavirus for months and by now we are all aware that the ongoing pandemic has had an influence on each aspect of our lives as well as...


eSports: a “treasure hunt” for brands, leagues and clubs

28 February 2020 By Lorenzo Pestugia

A global business of 906 million dollars that is going to grow and reach the amazing amount of 2,96 billion dollars in 2022. An audience of 380 million users.A ...

Mc Donalds VS Burger King diverse strategie per promuoversi tramite la ricerca Google2

Mc Donald's VS Burger King in Google promotion

19 June 2017

Sia Mc Donald's sia Burger King hanno realizzato degli spot basati sulle ricerche che gli utenti effettuano su Google. Ecco i metodi e i risultati raggiunti.