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The success of the Kings League: when sport and entertainment come together

19 April 2023 By Enrico Beda

Football, entertainment, twists and turns and new media: the winning mix of the competition that inflamed the Spanish supporters.Twelve teams competing in a sev...


Photo coverage of a sporting event: 7 practical tips for professional reportage

7 June 2022 By Enrico Beda

Recounting a sporting event means telling the crucial moments that mark it: the moment of the goal, the tension before the start, the fatigue at the end of a ra...

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Tokyo 2020: the most watched Olympics ever with 3 billion digital spectators

11 January 2022 By Chiara Ferrante

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 have reached an audience of over 3 billion people. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) revealed that during the last IOC Exec...

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Sport and Sustainability: the future will be even more Green

28 September 2021 By Chiara Ferrante

Nowadays, climate change is a current topic that every government around the world is trying to face focusing on the concept of sustainability which is the only...


Tokyo 2020 reveals how 5G will transform the fan experience

15 July 2021 By Chiara Ferrante

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are ready to give the public an innovative experience: the latest 5G technology will be implemented in three Olympic sports for a n...

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OLYMPIC VIRTUAL SERIES – the first Olympic-licensed virtual sports event

6 May 2021 By Chiara Ferrante

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) in a press release posted a few days ago on its official website, announced the first edition of the Olympic Virtual S...

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Tokyo 2020: how the Olympic Games will be played in 2021

17 March 2021 By Chiara Ferrante

On the 24th of March 2020 the IOC (International Olympic Committee) on the advice of the Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, announced the postponement to 2021 ...


Live posting: how to manage a social coverage

10 October 2019 By Anna Messina

You’ve been planning everything for weeks, your campaigns achieved the desired results, the tickets on Eventbrite are sold out and the buffet you’ve organized c...

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The important thing is…to take part!

11 July 2018 By Enrico Beda

Ladies and Gentlemen, sport events are back! In a new guise, with a new business model and much more work to do than in the past. But they are back, fitter than...