El Barrio vince la Kings League

The success of the Kings League: when sport and entertainment come together

19 April 2023 By Enrico Beda

Football, entertainment, twists and turns and new media: the winning mix of the competition that inflamed the Spanish supporters.Twelve teams competing in a sev...

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Google Ads: one platform, many networks

21 March 2023 By Vincenzo Calabrò

How do you choose the right type of campaign for your business and your goals? Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to promote th...

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Influencer marketing: how to choose the right testimonial for your brand

29 November 2022 By Sara Menegazzi

According to WOMMA - Word of Mouth Marketing Association - an influencer is defined as "a person or group of people who has a higher-than-average potential to i...

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Tokyo 2020: the most watched Olympics ever with 3 billion digital spectators

11 January 2022 By Chiara Ferrante

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 have reached an audience of over 3 billion people. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) revealed that during the last IOC Exec...

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Artificial Intelligence will change the Sports universe

23 November 2021 By Chiara Ferrante

In the last few years, technological progress has taken over our society, changing habits and ways of living. We are witnessing a growth of digital platforms, a...


eSports: a “treasure hunt” for brands, leagues and clubs

28 February 2020 By Lorenzo Pestugia

A global business of 906 million dollars that is going to grow and reach the amazing amount of 2,96 billion dollars in 2022. An audience of 380 million users.A ...

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PADDLE: from niche game to mass sport

30 October 2019 By Enrico Beda

Clubs springing up like mushrooms, tournaments that multiply before your eyes, sports facilities modified to meet the requests of group of friends or prominent ...

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Dongqiudi: football from China

5 February 2019 By Lorenzo Pestugia

A journey of discovery of the largest Chinese football platform, which offers an innovative, cultural bridge for European sport to create brand identity in a ri...


Professional leagues embrace esports

10 December 2018 By Marco Vettoretti

From the NBA 2K League to the ePremier League, to the UEFA eChampions League: pro-leagues all over the world are embracing the esports world.Artreyo Boyd is an ...