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Social media network and Rainbow Washing: support or performative strategy?

6 July 2021 By Giulia Scordari

As every year, Pride Month was celebrated during the month of June as a tribute to the famous Stonewall riots. A month in which the international LGBTQIA+ commu...

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Sponsorships and tax credit: what’s new after Covid-19

26 February 2021 By Chiara Ferrante

The strong economic crisis caused by the pandemic has led to a significant contraction in investment in the sponsorship market. A predictive survey carried out ...

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Cosmetics and Covid-19: the relaunch of the sector passes through safe beauty

15 February 2021 By Sara Menegazzi

The cosmetics sector represents one of the "Made in Italy" excellences, thanks to the constant care to innovation of formulations and to the management dynamics...

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Brand identity: what matters is remaining credible

17 April 2020 By Redazione

The sanitary emergence is not over yet, but we can certainly see how consumers’ habits have strongly changed. Brands have to face a new challenge: understanding...

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Pandemic: the human aspect of retailers in full crisis

30 March 2020 By Laura Quarti

One month after the burst of Coronavirus in Italy, let’s have a look at its effects on every sector of the world of retail. These days, as the contagion was spr...

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Advertising and social: when brands make politics

23 July 2019 By Francesca Tessarollo

Se negli ultimi tempi vi siete fermati a guardare con attenzione le campagne pubblicitarie e social dei maggiori brand, vi sarete anche accorti che sempre più s...

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Sport sponsorships: a growing trend

25 June 2019 By Lorenzo Pestugia

The global spending for sport sponsorships continues to grow. At the global level the total spending reached the record amount of 65,8 billion dollars in 2018, ...

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From country to brand: advertising to attract tourists

23 October 2018 By Francesca Tessarollo

Traveling more, visiting near and faraway places is the ambition and desire of many of us. We might even claim that this is a sort of ancestral need, inherent i...

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Scratch and Cry (Italy’s troubled new law on betting is hitting hard on sport sponsorship)

2 October 2018 By Marco Dalla Dea

Italy’s Dignity Decree is law: scratching beneath the surface, we find out that it introduces the ban on advertising for games and bets. We’ve heard a lot about...