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FITARCO reconfirms YAK Agency for media coverage at events and social communication

17 February 2023
Atleta Fitarco

In 2023, the agency of Marco Dalla Dea and Giovanni Cecolin will once again support the Italian Archery Federation in the management of social channels and the production of live content.

Padua, 15.02.2023The collaboration between YAK Agency and FITARCO - Federazione Italiana di Tiro con l’Arco, which has renewed the agency's mandate to manage its social channels, continues through 2023. 

Specifically, YAK Agency will follow the Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels in collaboration with the federal press office and the creation of digital advertising campaigns in order to expand the fanbase and draw as many users as possible closer to the world of archery. With this goal, the communication of the promotional project "At School with the Bow" that FITARCO will implement with the support of Sport and Health, aimed at students and parents, to broaden the base of practitioners and increase knowledge of the discipline of archery, will be integrated.

In addition to editors and sports journalists, the agency’s creative team is also involved in the project; the agency’s team is also involved in the project, creating ad-hoc content to crowd the different channels: pictures, graphics, animation and reels, but also TikTok videos to engage a younger target group. 

Furthermore, the agency will create exclusive “live” content for FITARCO’s social media during national and international events: the European Field Championship and the European 3D Championships, to name a few examples.

"We are thrilled to go on in 2023 with the collaboration started with FITARCO to support the Federation in spreading the discipline of archery. - says Marco Dalla Dea and Giovanni Cecolin, founding partners of YAK Agency - With a well-established experience in sports communication, YAK Agency will continue to support FITARCO with the ambition of keeping the Federation always at the top of digital communication trends."