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BeReal YAKAgency

BeReal: a useful social for companies?

17 May 2023 By Alvise De Raho

In the beginning, there was Facebook with its circle of friend, then Instagram came with its filters to embellish immortalized moments, then Twitter’s chirps to...

El Barrio vince la Kings League

The success of the Kings League: when sport and entertainment come together

19 April 2023 By Enrico Beda

Football, entertainment, twists and turns and new media: the winning mix of the competition that inflamed the Spanish supporters.Twelve teams competing in a sev...

rete di ricerca google ads

Google Ads: one platform, many networks

21 March 2023 By Vincenzo Calabrò

How do you choose the right type of campaign for your business and your goals? Google Ads is an online advertising platform that allows businesses to promote th...

cover branded content

Is the way of using social media changing? Branded Content: tips for content marketing in 2023

20 December 2022 By Alvise De Raho

Social networks’ era symbolically began on the 4th of February 2004 with the birth of Facebook. An era that has had a dizzying rise and that saw the emergence o...

cover IM

Influencer marketing: how to choose the right testimonial for your brand

29 November 2022 By Sara Menegazzi

According to WOMMA - Word of Mouth Marketing Association - an influencer is defined as "a person or group of people who has a higher-than-average potential to i...

netflix tv

Ads on Netflix: how to do make “TUDUM” with Microsoft Advertising

2 November 2022 By Vincenzo Calabrò

From its inception in 1997 to the present day, Netflix has always spoken out against the placement of advertising such as pre-rolls and pop-ups during the viewi...