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YAK Agency awarded best Italian agency for the new image of the Azienda Ospedale Università di Padova

28 March 2023
Giovanni Cecolin e Marco Dalla Dea6

The Mediastars Advertising Technical Award recognizes YAK Agency as the best Italian agency in brand communication with the Azienda Ospedale – Università di Padova project.

Padua, 28.03.2023 -  Mediastars, the Advertising Technical Award dedicated to the Italian agencies’ creativity, recognized YAK Agency as the best agency in Italy, awarding it for the new institutional image of the Azienda Ospedale – Università di Padova. The board of the 27th edition of the Award, made up of 200 professionals and experts selected among the Creative Directors, Founders and CEOs of leading Italian Companies, evaluated over 600 submitted projects representative of the current Italian communication and then awarded the First Award and two special mentions for the Art Direction and Graphic Design to the Padua-based agency of Marco Dalla Dea and Giovanni Cecolin. 

The winning project


With a collaboration started in November 2021, YAK Agency took care of completely reinventing the graphic image of the Azienda Ospedale – Università di Padova. The restyling started from the design of the new official logo, moving on to the reinvention of the graphic concept, therefore rethinking the Agency’s brand identity. After a first planning phase, the agency dealt with the design and production of all institutional corporate materials (print and digital). During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, the agency also collaborated in the production of the dual-language (Italian and English) information media, useful for signposting the various swab and vaccination points and informing patients about the hospital’s safety rules.  

Eesempi applicazione nuovo branding Aopd

Graphic materials with the new brand identity.

YAK Agency then conducted a major redesign of the hospital’s building map in order to create an efficient “wayfinding” (orientation) system for all users of the hospital. Starting from an in-depth analysis of the routine, logistics, the amount of content and information to be conveyed and the various type of people who visit the hospital every day, the agency wrote new guidelines to streamline orientation information. The agency designed then the new signage (internal and external) of the different buildings that make up the overall structure, from the Obstetrical Clinic to the Monoblock, and designed the new directional totems for the internal road network. 

nuovo wayfinding Aopd

The new map of Azienda Ospedale Università di Padova.


An important industry award 

Yearly, Mediastars values the professionalism and the talent of those who work in the Italian communication and advertising industry. The Award is an important opportunity to share and celebrate the achievements of the agencies, but at the same times to encourage the design of authentic and innovative communication proposals. 
We are thrilled about this award from Mediastarsstate Marco Dalla Dea and Giovanni Cecolin, Managing Partner of YAK Agencyreceiving recognition for our job is always source of great satisfaction, because first and foremost it honors the competence and the great effort put it by the team. This is even truer when the recognition come from technicians like us, from a board composed of some of the best professionals in the industry at national level. We would like to thank our entire team and obviously the Customer who believed in us”. 

The agency is expected in Milan on June 9th for the official Award Ceremony.