The Project

IPERun for Children is an annual event promoted by Ipercity to raise funds for Team For Children ONLUS.

Thanks to the support from municipality of Albignasego the 8-km non-competitive run had its first edition on 25th September 2016, when many runners took part in the charity event and received the official t-shirt. 


  • Corporate identity
  • Website development
  • Press office
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Event media coverage


We use different tools and techniques to cover the event and to produce a wide range of video clips for different media purpose (organizational video, social media, etc.)


An event like this can have many benefits for a shopping mall: generation of positive feedbacks from participants and institutions for its clear charitable purposes, and the development of territory. The format of the running event can be easily repeated, which gives us the chance to keep making our contributions to meaningful initiatives.

logo iperrun


The tasks assigned to YAK Agency, in addition to corporate event planning, was to create an influential image to represent the positive values of the event in many different ways (gadget, print ads, race kits, etc). YAK Agency had the responsibility to study and create the visual concept for IPERun for Children, which is then used during the press conference and on every media channel that is selected based on our communication strategy.


Each edition of the event is promoted on billboards varying from the typical format of street posting (6X3) to the public transport posting used across Padova for 30 days. The visual presentation allows us to drive more traffic to the event website and receive many confirmations for participation.

Website development

We have not only built a website where visitors can find information about the event and the participation procedures, but we have also enabled them to choose the size of their t-shirts while collecting data from participants and transactions for future marketing activities. The website with the up-to-date details about the current edition of the event is launched on the same day when press conference is held to announce the event.

icona like big


Facebook management is crucial to surf the emotional wave generated from the charity run. We do not only drive people to register on the website, we also help them build a strong connection with IPERun for Children.


Press office activities are critical to shape public opinion and encourage stakeholders to embrace the charity run and support IPERun for Children. For this reason not only all the local members across print and TV, but also influential personalities from politics and research area invited at the press conference. Following the press conference, we also present our client with media coverage reports.


Using the same management software for registration on the day of the event enables us to collect a huge amount of data. The software simplifies a wide range of complex activities in the registration process such as payments and insurance in an efficient way, making it a successful event.

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