The Project

Avenil Pure & Soft is a Made in Italy brand of beauty products for all skin types. The cosmetic line offers creams, body washes and cleansing lotions for body and hair, created after a careful selection of the best quality oat, harvested from certified organic farms and through processing of pure extracts of the best grains of the plant, which is rich in soothing and nourishing properties. Avenil Pure & Soft products respect the environment, the people and the animals.


  • Strategic consultation
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Photoshoot
  • Web and creative design
  • E-commerce development
  • Marketing Automation

E-commerce Development

Avenil.it is not just a portal for selling natural skincare cosmetics, but a site capable of supporting users in learning all the nuances of the project: from the healthy properties of 100% organic oat extract to the search for the best plant active ingredients for the creation of lotions, to the selection of sustainable packaging. YAK Agency was responsible for the design and development of the e-commerce, designed to enhance the brand’s identifying values (quality, naturalness, and well-being) and favoring an essential and discreet style. In order to convey all the features of the project and describe the individual products, the agency also took care of the texts, enriching the visitor’s experience of the website with emotional images, taken from the photoshoots realized for the brand.


New Strategy and Social Media Management

YAK Agency studied a new communication strategy dedicated to the brand’s social channels, based on content and thematic columns that highlight and enhance the quality of the articles. The agency was therefore responsible for the design of a new graphic concept for social media, proposing a visual with warm and enveloping colors that outline harmonious feeds, recalling the concepts of nature and well-being. YAK Agency supports Avenil Pure & Soft in the management of the social channels Facebook and Instagram, taking care of editorial planning, content production and community management. 

Photo shooting

YAK Agency organized the photoshoot of all Avenil Pure & Soft products in order to populate the new e-commerce with high quality shots. The pictures illustrate the features of the cosmetics offered in the shop, organized in the different products categories (face, body, hair, underwear and hands) and contextualized with the elements that recall the natural and delicate nuances of the brand.

Digital Adv

In order to improve the brand awareness and boost sales, YAK Agency takes care of the digital promotion strategy, realizes campaign creativity and manages the media budget and online advertisements on Google and Meta.

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