The Milano-Cortina Olympics can be a significant platform for amplifying your brand or product, but it's crucial to use the right tools. Convey your message or promote your company, product, or event using various mediums. Whether through a gadget, personalized T-shirt, or any support of varying sizes, YAK Agency is your single point of contact for all these options. Apart from designing and producing materials, we also handle relationships with printing facilities and centers, ensuring timely delivery of the finished product according to your preferences.

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Printing in all formats

We handle relationships with printing facilities and centers to produce materials in all formats and on various types of paper. We offer our consultancy in choosing the best solution for your needs, enabling you to create an original and personalized project. In addition to paper-based materials, we also create various promotional items, from flags and banners to roll-ups and POP materials.

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Branded gadgets

Promoting yourself through an item that speaks of your brand and is enjoyable to receive: personalized gadgets can be an effective way to establish a connection with a potential customer. We assist you in choosing the most suitable item and customize it for you, taking care of its production and delivery.

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Branded apparel

For events, your staff, or as gifts: customizing T-shirts, caps, or other clothing items helps strengthen brand identity. In creating branded apparel, we handle every aspect of the project, from design to delivery.

Present your project to us, and we'll be glad to propose the best actions to achieve your goals.