Would you like to organize an event to launch your product or showcase your company during Milano-Cortina ? Managing every aspect of an event, from logistics to promotional elements, can be quite complex. By relying on a single experienced contact, you ensure a comprehensive and turnkey service.

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Events organization

Over the years, we have organized various events, including races, sports events, and charity fundraisers, handling all organizational aspects from selecting the venue to managing bureaucratic procedures. At YAK Agency, you'll find an experienced team capable of managing your event from A to Z.

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Event space setup

Talks, presentations, meetings: we handle selecting the most suitable venue for your event, taking charge of its setup to ensure that the chosen space is both welcoming and functional.

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Audio / Video / lighting services

We rely on experts for renting and setting up audio, video, and lighting systems to make your event perfect. We select suppliers and liaise with each party in line with the client's preferences and in accordance with the event's objectives.

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Stage / Led Wall services

Do you need a stage for your event? We can take care of this aspect, from liaising with suppliers to setup, including handling permit requests and managing all bureaucratic aspects. Depending on your needs, we can provide customized solutions for LED walls of various sizes.

Present your project to us, and we'll be glad to propose the best actions to achieve your goals.