YAK Agency collaborates with "L'isola che c'è - Associazione Hospice Pediatrico Padova Aps," an association committed to supporting children who suffer from pain and incurability and their families, contributing with various communication activities (press office, social media management, organization and promotion of charity events, creation of promotional materials and merchandising) to raise awareness of the purposes of the NPO and to raise funds for related projects. A 5x1000 collection campaign is promoted every year with the aim of inviting taxpayers to make a conscious choice when filing their income tax returns and increasing the association's visibility in the area and to increase the visibility of the association in the territory.


  • Creativity and graphic design
  • Visual content adaptation
  • Photo and content production
  • Social Media Management

Creativity and Graphic Design

Every year, YAK Agency designs creative campaigns with a strong impact, focused on communicating the value of the daily work carried out by the association.
In the 2021 campaign, it was decided to convey the invitation to donate by playing on the concept of a sign, with a double meaning: to leave the sign, thus making a choice not to leave the 5x1000’s allocation document blank at the tax return stage, and to leave the sign intended as a memorable trace of love, hope and trust. In the 2022 campaign, an emotional visual was designed to invite the donor to become the trusted companion of the little patients and accompany their days by creating a strong bond of lightheartedness and consolation, like the tender teddy bear that every child holds tightly to him/herself during his/her days.

Visual content adaptations

The campaigns were promoted on different channels, from tabular advertising to digital shares. The team included: street billboards of different formats, magazine advertisements, bi-weekly social sponsorship (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram), updating the institutional website and creating a postcard to be distributed via text SMS or email.

Social Media Management

YAK Agency managed the official social channels Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with the creation of single-image posts and mini albums in which to collect the different campaign creatives.