YAK Agency alongside ANDISU for the success of the National Days for the Right to University Education

29 April 2024
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From April 15th to 17th, 2024, YAK Agency collaborated in the organization of the National Days for the Right to University Education, a national event now in its third edition, organized by ANDISU - the National Association of Bodies for the Right to University Education - in collaboration with ESU Padova.

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Three days hosted in Padova, filled with meetings dedicated to students, with a particular focus on young individuals in their fourth and fifth year of high school who are faced with the decision of whether and how to continue their educational journey by enrolling in university. It's also a valuable opportunity to delve into and reflect on the study support opportunities already implemented by DSU entities, with presentations of current activities and discussions on the challenges ahead, aiming to continue embracing innovation. 

Marco Dalla Dea and Giovanni Cecolin's agency worked alongside ANDISU, handling the conception of a new concept for the third edition of the event, and subsequently, the graphic design of the necessary promotional materials, both digital and print. YAK Agency then provided live documentation of all the appointments on the second day, which hosted the central institutional event of the festival, offering a professional photographic shooting service.

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The National Days for the Right to University Education 2024 were dedicated to the theme of "Gender Equality as a Fundamental Prerequisite for the Right to University Education," which was the central focus of the events held from Monday, April 15th, to Wednesday, April 17th. This topic was chosen in light of the tragic events that shook the Padova community last November, involving a young university student, Giulia Cecchettin. Her death deeply affected many Italian university students, who demonstrated, through initiatives and awareness-raising moments, solidarity with the victim and, above all, a profound attention to the issue of gender equality. The world of the right to education, always attentive and sensitive to the needs of young people, thus decided to dedicate this year's edition to an extremely current theme that requires continuous and prompt interventions.

Events, workshops, and meetings were also proposed to introduce, even to high school students who are about to graduate, the services offered to the university community. Meetings and in-depth lessons were organized on tools aimed at supporting the psychophysical well-being of students.

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