The Project

VI-Challenge Hackathon is a marathon of ideas promoted by InnovationLab Vicenza, the new digital culture centre of the Municipality of Vicenza, which took place in two editions: on 27 and 28 November 2021 in Vicenza, in the university complex in Viale Margherita, and on 27-28 May 2022 in Villa Cordellina Lombardi (VI). The event was addressed to high school and university students from Vicenza and involved many participants in both events in 36/24-hour non-stop challenges aimed at developing digital technology solutions on different topics (circular economy, gender issues and cultural heritage of the Vicenza area).


  • Strategy consulting
  • Logo design
  • Graphics and corporate identity
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • Photo, video and content production

Logo design

After choosing the naming, YAK Agency took care of designing the logo of the event. The solution was identified starting from the visual identity of InnovationLab Vicenza and it is based on the creation of a monogram containing the initials of Vicenza, the place where the event was held, together with its full name (VI-Challenge). The logo is completed by the payoff 'Ideas for a digital future': where the words 'ideas', 'digital' and 'future' represent the three key concepts of the project.

Graphics and corporate image

The corporate image of the event was designed starting from the new logo and was then translated into various promotional materials (paper and digital): badges, posters, flags, posters, social networks, digital adv and newspaper.

Photo, video and content production

For both editions, the agency worked on the production of multimedia content by creating a teaser video to collect subscriptions and following the live streaming on Facebook and YouTube channels. In addition, for the duration of the hackathons, a photographer, a video maker, and a social media manager were on site to document and share live digital solutions and technological prototypes created by the young participants in response to the 'challenges' launched by the organizers.  

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