The Project

For over 40 years, Vetagro has been developing targeted feed additive solutions for poultry, swine, and ruminants through scientific research, technological development, innovative formulation, and a focus on quality, in line with the needs of the modern feed industry. A pioneer in microencapsulation since 1982, the company now designs all of its products with the goal of maximizing the health and efficiency of animal feed, in compliance with environmental protection and consumer safety.


  • Strategic consultancy
  • Logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Corporate image
  • Social media management
  • Digital advertising
  • Creative design
  • Website development
  • Content production

Restyling logo

YAK Agency handled the redesign of Vetagro's logo, modernizing the historic brand by introducing a new font and updating the institutional color palette. They also refined the triangular style of the pictogram to enhance its readability.

Graphic design and corporate image

To strengthen the corporate identity and standardize the company's image, YAK Agency developed a geometric and linear graphic element based on the letter "V" from the name Vetagro. This element was then used both individually and in a textured variant across all new communication materials, including business cards, letterheads, document folders, signs, brochures, and flyers. For the different brand lines (Ruminants, Poultry, Swine, Aqua, and Pet), specific iconography was designed, strategically matching a color and shape to each group of solutions and individual products.




Social Media Management

YAK Agency has developed a new communication strategy for the company's social media channels with the aim of sharing content that conveys expertise, quality, and safety to the target audience. The team manages the Facebook and Instagram channels, taking care of the editorial plan, visually revamped with the new graphic concept, and community management.


The agency has worked on the development of advertising communication campaigns to enhance the solutions and products of the brand within scientific journals and industry fairs.

Website development

The new institutional website of Vetagro has been redesigned with a linear and modern design, aimed at conveying the wide range of scientific products and solutions in a clear and functional manner. The site's structure, user interface, and navigation have been intuitively developed to facilitate user browsing, even on mobile devices, and the content is available in ten languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, and Chinese) to cater to the international target audience of the brand.

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