The Project

Unipiazza is a web platform that supports businesses (such as bars, shops, and restaurants) in building customer loyalty through Gamification & Automated Marketing techniques. It innovatively and engagingly digitizes the traditional loyalty card system.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Video Production

Promotional spot production

YAK Agency was tasked with the conception and production of a promotional video spot aimed at potential Unipiazza clients across various commercial sectors, summarizing the services offered. The agency handled all phases of video content development, starting with the creation of the creative concept, development of the screenplay, and detailed graphic storyboard, as well as the creative writing of the spot’s texts. The team then coordinated the selection of locations, casting of actors, and logistics of the shoot, directly managing the set arrangements and the technicians involved (sound engineers, stylists, and assistants). After filming, the agency worked on video editing, including graphic animations, color correction, musical integration, and voiceover, to provide the client with a complete and ready-to-use multimedia content, in various cuts and formats required for digital sharing.

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