The Project is a company committed in the research, production and marketing of alternative and sustainable protein sources for feed, pet-food and aquaculture. offers breeders and producers some technologically advanced solutions for animal and human nutrition, from sustainable and high quality sources which, in addition to the surprising nutritional properties, allow to significantly reduce the environmental impact.


  • Strategic consulting
Web and creative design

  • Web site development
  • Content production
  • Professional photo shooting

Website design and development

YAK Agency has developed a website that was able to bring users closer to this world still little known but with great potential, by designing a clear and exhaustive portal, which invites users to read. All pages have been translated into three languages, Italian, English and French, to respond to the internationality of the brand. The design has been conceived on simple lines, soft colors and illustrative and symbolic drawings through the use of icon sets, to introduce the topics dealt in an easy and undemanding way.

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