The Project

The Azienda Ospedale Università Padua is recognized as a Hospital of National Importance and High Specialization and as a Hub Hospital of Excellence of the Veneto Region. The hospital complex, located in Via Nicolò Giustiniani 1, in Padua, provides healthcare services in a process that inseparably includes teaching and research activities, and represents a point of reference for the realization of institutional collaboration between the Regional Health Service and the University of Padua.


  • Strategic consulting
  • Graphic design
  • Content production

Strategic consulting

YAK Agency conducted a major study to redesign the topographical map of the hospital complex in order to create an effective wayfinding system for all users of the hospital. Starting from an in-depth analysis of the routine, the logistics, the amount of content and directions to be conveyed and the different target groups of people who visit the hospital every day, the agency wrote new guidelines to simplify the orientation information and create an accessible map and signage.

Graphic Design

Through the subdivision of the health complex into different centre geographical areas and the use of colour coding, iconography, directional arrows and simplified and multilingual terminology, a new map was conceived and designed to allow easy and immediate orientation within the Hospital of Padua, complete with Qr Code for virtual navigation of the website. Subsequently, the new signage (internal and external) was designed for the various buildings that make up the structure (e.g. Palazzina delle Neuroscienze, Clinica Ostetrica, SUEM 118, Direzione Generale, Monoblocco, etc.), of the internal road totems and the various service supports/signposts.

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