The Project

LIVE PINK! is the new magazine signed PinkFit, the women’s line of ProAction, an Italian company that has been developing supplements to support all running, cycling, triathlon, fitness, and team sports athletes since 1995. The magazine is distributed in pharmacies all over Italy and is aimed at a transversal female audience, born with the intention of creating a female community, as well as providing interesting content for the target audience.


  • Naming
  • Graphic design
  • Content production
  • Printing management

Magazine production

YAK Agency oversaw the designing of the entire editorial project: from the naming to choosing the style and format.
The name was designed as an exhortation -emphasized by the exclamation point - to live in harmony with one’s femininity and, at the same time, as a reference to the content of the magazine dedicated to the life and everyday routine of women.

Graphic Design

We designed for LIVE PINK! a graphic solution that would make the readability smooth, and we chose a confidential and engaging style, in line with the most popular lifestyle magazines around. The agency's creative department took care of the new visual concept and the design of the entire magazine’s layout.

Content production

The agency also took over the organization and production of the editorial content. Starting from the identification of the main theme of each issue, then explored in the various columns, YAK Agency takes care of creating all the articles, involving professional journalists and content editors, and alternating corporate identity articles with informative articles on different topics: lifestyle, travel, environmental sustainability, health, beauty and culture.

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