The Project

Based in the historic center of the city of Padua, Graziati Pastry Shop has created unique products for 100 years, offering intense moments of sweetness to all clients. A passion for the art of confectionary that has been handed down to three generations and that takes different shapes (traditional cakes, pastries, cakes for special occasions, artisan ice cream, and chocolate), and a corner from another time where you can take a break at any time of the day (breakfast, lunch, tea-time, coffee break and happy hour).


  • Graphic design
  • Website development
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Photo shooting
  • Press office

Graphic Design

On the occasion of the centenary of the pastry shop, our agency redesigned the logo of the pastry shop and, aiming to provide a consistent and recognizable brand image, we created the variations for all the materials used by the pastry shop (sugar sachets, napkins, cake containers, wrapping paper, trays). For the anniversary we conceived a brochure dedicated to the “Millefoglie” (a cake made with puff pastry and crème patissière, the trademark of the shop), and a special packaging for the monoportion of the popular cake.

Website development

Elegant, simple and high-impact: the new website was developed basing on the distinctive product offered by Graziati, the Millefoglie cake, to make users embark on a journey to discover its ingredients and the values that characterize the traditional cake of the Graziati family. The website contains special effects, such as the hand of the pastry chef that pours the icing sugar on the cake, a rich photo gallery dedicated to the different products and a section dedicated to the storytelling of the 100 years of activity. 

Social media management

The social team supports Graziati in the management of social channels (Facebook and Instagram): from editorial planning to ads investment strategy and to the community management to give an answer to the clients asking about offers, delivery and opening time. 

Photo Shooting

YAK agency dealt with the organization of two photo shootings to take the photos to be used on the new website and on the brochure dedicated to the Millefoglie cake. The first shooting was made inside the pastry shop (photos of the interior/exterior of the shops, of products and their preparation, of the staff), while the second shooting included a dozen still life pictures of the Millefoglie cake.

Press Office

Journalists and photographers of YAK Agency organized a press conference to celebrate the 100 years of activity of the pastry shop together with the institutions and associations of the city of Padua, managing all the aspects of the event (press releases and invitations, press review, mediation and production of communication materials).

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