The Project

“Christmas in Padua” is the traditional festival organized by the Department of Commerce and Production Activities of the Municipality of Padua that takes place every year in the city at Christmas time. It is made of Christmas-themed attractions for children and adults, concerts, markets and many types of events. Our agency was entrusted with the press and digital communication of the 2018 edition, named “A city of stars”, a theme that reminds us not only of Christmas lights, but also of some of the main peculiarities of the history of the city: the stars observed by Galileo and the Scrovegni Chapel painted by Giotto. Over 50 events and attractions have enlivened the streets of the city center and of other districts of the city.


  • Graphics and corporate identity
  • Website graphic restyling
  • Photo, video e content production
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Media planning services
  • Press office

Graphics and corporate identity

Our agency’s intention was to create a visual that could represent all the elements that make Christmas time so special and all the situations and feelings that characterize Christmas in Padua. To do so, we decided to entrust the Venetian artist Ale Giorgini with the creative concept of the work. The work realized by the artist, a combination of events and sensations that creates a unique dimension of magic and serenity, was adapted to all the web, press and advertising materials realized by our team to communicate and promote the festival, aiming at creating a new coordinated image (logo and visual contents) and conveying the values of “Christmas in Padua”. 


After this creative phase, the official portal was completely redesigned: the website, recreated in two languages (Italian and English) with the objective of incentivizing tourist promotion in Padua, was especially optimized for mobile use and to make the viewing of contents and of the events calendar faster and more intuitive. Secondly, we realized all the communication and creative material of “Christmas in Padua”: press kits, roller banners, maps with the main attractions, shopping bags for retailers, and advertising (billboards and press releases).


The agency covered all the scheduled events taking over 250 photos, which were shared in real time and completed with postproduction and copyright.


We conceived and realized a commercial - three cuts: 30, 20 and 15 seconds - characterized by a strong emotional impact to describe the Christmas mood in Padua. Something new in the 2018 edition was the decision we took to broadcast the commercial not only on the website and on the main local channels, but also on the cinemas of the city, in order to reach a wider target and to convey efficaciously the emotional nature of the festival.


Throughout the festival, our agency has been providing information and updates on the rich events, concerts, and attractions calendar, managing the Facebook page and sharing creative and engaging posts. 

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