The Project

For the second consecutive year we managed the communication and promotion of the traditional Christmas festival that enlivens Padua’s neighborhoods with markets, shows and events for all ages. From November the 18th to January the 10th the agency carried out promotion activities on various channels, aiming at updating citizens and tourists about over 50 events and attractions included in the program of the festival organized by the Department of Commerce and Productive Activities of the Municipality of Padua. Starting from the analysis of the results of the previous communication campaign and from the new leitmotiv (the magic of gifts), which in 2019 has accompanied the traditional theme “A city of stars”, we made some improvements and introduced novelties to make the communication more and more efficient, bring more traffic to the website and social channels and engage participants.


  • Creative idea and design
  • Press and web adaptations
  • Photo, video, and content production
  • Social media marketing strategy

Creative idea and design

The visual of the 2019 edition of Christmas in Padua, just like that of 2018, was born of the drawing of the venetian artist Ale Giorgini, a combination of typical Christmas places and situations where the shape of a young girl that gives a present to a granny stands out, consistently with the leitmotiv chosen for this edition. All the web, press and advertising materials derived from the visual.

Press and web adaptions

From the creative idea whence the concept of the 2019 edition originated, also the new graphic design of the website ( derived, in addition to the communication materials that are necessary for the promotion of the event: postcards, billboards, roll-up banners, press folders etc. The big novelty of this year was the complete wrapping of the tram with the visual and distinctive color of the festival, red. The wrapping of the tram, which was something completely new for the city of Padua, had three different objectives: promote the event, amaze and excite citizens and tourists, and - last but not least - encourage people to use public transportation to move around in the city and make our part to respect the environment.

Photo, video and content production

In order to inform and update citizens and tourists about the scheduled events, throughout the festival YAK Agency realized 52 articles in Italian and English to be published on the website, while over 400 photos were taken (post-production and copyright included) to tell about 26 events. Moreover, a promotional video was shot, taking inspiration from the visual: set in some iconic places of Christmas in Padua and focused on the magic of gifts, the commercial was then spread on social channels (Facebook and Instagram), cinemas and local broadcasters.

Social Media Marketing strategy

To move and keep users updated, the agency managed the official Facebook page, creating informative and creative posts and specific events that made it possibile to reach a wide audience and create engagement.

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