The Project

Since 1975, Maritan Glass has been operating in the glass industry, designing, manufacturing, and installing special glass for various sectors: yachting, naval, architecture, museums, industry, and shopfitting. Along with over 40 years of accumulated experience, there is a strong inclination towards research and development, with the aim of providing innovative and up-to-date solutions. From co-design to installation, through exclusive in-house production, Maritan Glass offers customized and sustainable solutions to promote the excellence of Made in Italy.


  • Strategic consulting
  • Logo graphic design
  • Graphic design
  • Coordinated image management
  • Web and Creative Design
  • Website development
  • Content production
  • Professional photo shooting

Logo design

YAK Agency, tasked with redesigning the company logo, proposed a new colored logo featuring the "M" monogram of Maritan on the left, complemented by the word "Maritan" in bold and "Glass" on a secondary reading level, emphasizing the brand's industry. The defined and unadorned graphic lines convey a sense of simplicity and communicate the value of precision that characterizes the company's product design and production phases.

Graphic design and Coordinated Image

Starting from the development of the new logo, the coordinated image of Maritan Glass was redesigned and then applied to institutional materials (both paper and digital): business cards, letterhead, folders, notepads, envelopes, email signatures, company profile, and website.

Content production

YAK Agency created the new company profile for the brand, handling the creation of textual and photographic content as well as the graphic layout. Additionally, they designed a brochure focused on the nautical sector, dedicated to the production of glass for yachts, with content in both Italian and English.

Website Development

The new institutional website of Maritan Glass has been redesigned with a modern design, aimed at conveying the precision of glass processing, attention to detail, and technological advancement, which are the company's strengths. The structure, user interface, and site architecture have been designed to allow for intuitive navigation for users, even from mobile devices.

Photo shooting

A photo shoot was organized to create high-quality shots for the website, brochure, and company profile. The photos depict the company's premises, the staff, and all stages of Maritan Glass's design process, from machinery to raw materials, with particular attention to the details of glass processing.

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