The Project

The Italian League Against Cancer (LILT) - Provincial Association of Padua is a non-profit organization that operates in the territory of Padua and its province, following the principles defined by the LILT Central Headquarters. It is recognized as a Public Entity based on its associative structure and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. With the support of numerous volunteers and professionals, LILT Padua is dedicated to promoting and implementing initiatives to raise awareness and enhance prevention and early diagnosis in the field of oncology. Additionally, it provides concrete services to meet the needs of the community, patients, and their families through prevention facilities, outpatient activities, and community-oriented projects.


  • Strategic consulting
  • Graphic design
  • Creative campaign management

Strategic consulting and graphic design

YAK Agency has been responsible for designing various communication materials, including the new institutional brochure for LILT Padua. This brochure is an essential tool for the organization to be distributed in outpatient clinics and presented at events throughout the region, in order to promote their projects, services, and activities. Furthermore, the agency has also taken care of the graphic design of a branded camper, providing the organization with a mobile unit to be used for free preventive services and outreach activities within the community.

Creative campaign management

YAK Agency has also been responsible for the concept development and production of promotional materials for two creative campaigns for LILT Padua: the membership campaign and the 5x1000 donation campaign, both for the 2023 editions.

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Graphic design for "Luisa Project"

For LILT Padua's Luisa Project, dedicated to young women for breast cancer prevention, YAK Agency worked on the graphic design of the promotional materials.

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