The Project

YAK Agency has been selected by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne to manage communications for the Olympic qualifying boxing tournaments. These include the "Boxing Road to Tokyo" with stops in Dakar (SEN), Amman (JOR), London (GBR) and Paris (FRA), and the boxing tournament at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The collaboration came about as a result of the IOC Executive Board's decision to establish the IOC Boxing Task Force (BTF). A team that would ensure to the sport of Boxing a proper organization and a fair conduct of the Olympic qualifying events, as well as the Olympic tournament itself, was needed.


  • Communication Strategy
  • International Press Office
  • Content Production and Management
  • Media Relations
  • Press Operations
  • Media Monitoring
  • Branding and Website Layout Consultancy
  • Live Event Coverage

Communication Strategy

YAK Agency provided strategic consulting and managed all communication on behalf of the Boxing Task Force (BTF). The YAK team was responsible for initiating and following up on campaigns dedicated to the promotion of BTF activities. The goal was to ensure a clear and regular communication with athletes, National Federations (NFs) and National Olympic Committees (NOCs).

International Press Office

In the context of the four Olympic qualifying tournaments, YAK Agency took care of the international press office, before, during and after the events. It wrote articles of preview, report and review of the competitions in English language. YAK Agency has produced and published a total of 38 articles and 18 statements on the Athlete 365- Boxing Corner website. During the events, we also managed and organized press conferences with the international media present.

Content Production and Management

In addition to writing articles related to the competitions, YAK Agency has produced and collaborated in multiple contents for the stakeholders. These include circular letters, internal communications, Team Handbooks, Travel Briefing Papers, BTF Rankings, as well as reports and presentations for internal BTF and CIO use. Moreover, during the events the YAK team was responsible for coordinating the photographers on site, selecting and publishing contents, such as photos and video gallery, and the daily results of the competitions, on Athlete 365 - Boxing Corner website.

Media Relations

YAK Agency managed international media relations on behalf of the Boxing Task Force. For our collaboration with the IOC, we answered 218 questions from the IOC Press Office, BTF Qualifiers media managers, Tokyo 2020 boxing media manager or directly received by our Agency.

Press Operations

In the context of the Olympic qualifying events, YAK Agency was responsible for managing all press operations on site. In collaboration with the LOC Comms Manager, provided support in coordinating the media presence and interviews with the athletes in the mixed zone. In addition, due to the pandemic emergency, our Agency provided advice in implementing all countermeasures to be taken against COVID-19.

Media Monitoring

In reference to the Olympic qualifying tournaments "Boxing Road to Tokyo" or related to the IOC Boxing Task Force, YAK Agency was in charge of monitoring the news published by the international media.

Media Coverage Events

A team of our Agency has followed on site the Olympic qualifying boxing tournaments going to Dakar (SEN), Amman (JOR), London (GBR) and Paris (FRA). During the events we reported on the races and interviewed the athletes from the mixed zone, collecting their stories, comments and curiosities.

Media Registration

YAK Agency provided advice on the set up of the media registration system and managed it on a daily basis, before and during each qualifying tournament. In coordination with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), the rules for media participation in the events were defined, accreditation requests (602 in total) were approved or declined, and all related communications were handled.

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