The Project

The International Shooting Sport Federation is one of the 33 Olympic Federations which represents the governing body that oversees all the international competitions within three disciplines: Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun.

The ISSF global communication relies on platforms based on web, mobile devices and print, through which text, video and photo contents are generated and distributed also in Chinese.

Media relations with representatives from all over the world are cultivated constantly by our press office staff, bringing shooting sports to newspapers and magazines across five continents.


  • Press office
  • DEM
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Photo shooting and archive
  • Video production
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Content production

The information hub of the Federation is the official website,, where you can find not only athletes and competitions but also daily updates like schedules, reports, interviews and photo galleries for all the stages of the season.

The Magazine

Every two months the ISSF publishes a magazine, available in both digital and print formats, where readers can keep up with news, athletes and their stories.

Video production

Whether they are interviews or motivational clips: we produce videos according to the season’s schedule, enriching contents based on the competition results across the disciplines.

Photo shooting and archive

We guarantee a full photo coverage during the international seasons, so that we can offer the International Shooting Sport Federation portraits, close-ups and photos in action of every participated shooter. We cover from the World Cup to the World Championships, from junior competitions to the Olympic Games.

Social media marketing strategy

Being active and innovative on social media platforms is vital to spread love of a sport. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are the foundation of our digital strategy, but we also manage social media like Weibo and Youku for the Chinese audience.

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