The Project

#InnerViking is a photo contest conceived and organized for Erreà Sport, sponsor of the Iceland National Football Team at the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018, the only Italian sport brand at the event. The contest is meant to persuade fans and passionates to take and share a photo showing their viking side, taking inspiration from the grit of the Iceland National Football Team. The winners, selected among the most voted ones on the web, have then been awarded with the official kit and shirt of the team.


  • Digital contest
  • Website development
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Professional copywriting service


Our agency has taken care of each stage of the photo contest, from the naming to the management of operational tools, with the objective of taking advantage of the media exposure of the Iceland national football team to create a connection between the values of the northern people and those of Erreà Sport: grit, link to the territory, humility and perseverance. InnerViking has led people to generate a great number of amusing contents, consistent with the smile that always accompanies Iceland’s athletes and supporters.

Social media marketing strategy

After having supported the company with legal paperworks, our agency developed the contest on a special web platform conceived to collect all the images sent by users. Then the contest was promoted on the social channels of the brand through special contents and a tailor-made strategy.

Website development

The Erreà InnerViking website was conceived as both a promotional and operational tool for the photo contest: besides providing all the useful details about the methods of participation included in the official regulation, the website https://innerviking.errea.com was used by participants to load one or more photos (with a maximum of 3) and send them to be approved by the jury, then voted by the registered users. 

risultati innerviking


For a sport brand like Erreà Sport, the advantages deriving from the photo contest were numberless: from the reinforcement of brand awareness to the increase of fans, from the strengthening of the bond between brand and football team to the creation of a database profiled according to country and favorite sport, which will be useful for other communication and marketing activities. The contest lasted 3 weeks and in this time it generated 9,700 subscriptions and had a 5 million people reach.

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