The Project

The Italian subsidiary of the Fischer Group, the world’s leading provider of fixing techniques with a turnover of 775 million euros and 46 subsidiaries in the world (as of 2016), Fischer Italia boasts 54 years of history and has become a benchmark for companies and professionals in the industry.

In light of the company’s long-term plan aimed at strengthening brand awareness, we redesigned countertop and floor displays. Additionally, we launched a social media campaign to promote Flexi-Fix products, leveraging freshly-created video and sponsorship through Facebook ads.


  • Corporate identity
  • Visual and creative design
  • Video production
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social Media Advertising

Corporate identity

Simplifying graphic design and layout of the countertop version enabled us to place emphasis on the product on floor display. We highlighted the explanatory section using enlarged images and more spaces, whereas the font remained the original. 



The video was aimed at presenting the versatility of Fischer product such as Flexi-Fix, which is beyond essential to DIY projects and also makes everyday life easier. By leveraging the carousel format in Facebook ads where viewers can scroll through the carousel cards by swiping on mobile phones, we created and arranged video clips featuring a smooth flow through various shots.  


fischer icona campagna facebook

Social media marketing strategy

The goal of the social media campaign was to promote Flexi-Fix product as an effective and economic alternative to the traditional disposable straps, maximising click on the carousel cards to grow traffic for the product landing page  




The video carousel, designed to showcase the innovative and diverse uses of Flexi-Fix product, was presented to over 300,000 target users leading to 1668 visits of landing page with a click-through rate of 3.1%. Other positive results from the marketing activity include a 5% growth of website traffic, demonstrated interest in the target audience who showed zero negative reaction to the content, and an interesting data finding that there is 6% more female audience than the web page. 

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