The Project

In more than 140 years of heritage, Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A. has established as a leader in the ammunition and firearms industry, thanks to its innovative solutions for sport, hunting and self defence. The company is well-recognized internationally, and shooters from all over the world rely on Fiocchi to face the most challenging Olympic competitions.

We supported the company with professional press release services in Italian and English, social media management, content production and photo assets management. Our dedicated team cover the international competitions on site, while other professionals support them from our headquarter in Padova.


  • Press office
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • DEM
  • Photo shooting and archive


We manage Fiocchi social media channels and cover shooting events when Fiocchi team participates, implementing an editorial plan in align with its branding strategy. We create engaging customized contents for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to build connections with the Fiocchi fanbase.

logo fiocchi


For every biathlon and shotgun competition where Fiocchi athletes participate, we produce press releases in Italian and English with a specific focus on sponsorized champions and photos produced on site.

Photo shooting and archive

Managing the photo archive comprises many actions. We make the database available for your company’s stakeholders on a professional platform so that they can download photos in multiple formats anytime.

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