The Project

FIAP - Federazione Italiana Autotrasportatori Professionali (Italian Federation of Professional Truck Drivers) is a historic Italian trade union that brings together small and medium-sized road transportation companies. Its role is protecting the interests of freight companies and professionals. On the 15th of June 2019 the company celebrates its 70th anniversary, meaning it is the most ancient Italian trade association. In 2013, following the introduction of the law on rest obligation for drivers and the consequent definition of driving times, FIAP Service was born to offer consultation and high-value services, and to accompany companies through their transformation process into enterprises.


  • Graphic design
  • Corporate identity
  • Website development

Graphic Design

Website Development

The website was conceived to provide consultations and information about the services offered by the company. Starting from the homepage the website has been structured in bands of contents immediately accessible to users, focused on the main topics of interest for companies and associates: news from the world of transport, calls for bids and communications, training and certifications, mobility and legal assistance.

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