The Project

Founded in 1993, FEN is a company that engineers production lines for food pellet aimed for the greatest food brands in the world. Our job was to create a brand new corporate and digital identity, repositioning the company from engineering to the food technologies industry.


  • Strategy consulting
  • Photo, video, and content production
  • Website development
  • Graphics and corporate identity


The first step we took when building a new identity was by analyzing the former logo which had some weaknesses as far as shapes and linearity. We redefined the corporate colors in line with the new brand positioning in the food technologies industry.


For FEN, we produced photos and videos to support marketing activities, like trade fairs, web-based campaigns and brochures to drive sales. In particular, the goal was to showcase that the company could be a bridge between the engineering process and the food productivity.


There were two main goals. To make people understand the complexity of machineries, their features and the process; secondly, to generate sales leads. Therefore, we developed an innovative website to capture the visitors’ attention thanks to the products, then provided them with all the technical information, successful story and history of FEN.


To present the evolution of the corporate identity, next step was to build a new company profile to communicate both technology and the company’s vision and values mainly through impactful photos, coupled with text and graphics.


Using a similar approach to the one we had for the website, we created new brochures. They were intended to illustrate the six main product lines of food pellets, through an engaging set of photo galleries and a brief description of the whole production cycle.


The aim of this tool was to support the salesforce and FEN agents all over the world - that’s why we created a PDF to be used on iPads, which is also available without Internet connection. In this way we provide an overall look on FEN world from different point of views. The PDF showed raw materials required to produce an end product and all the machineries that could fit the client’s needs.

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