The Project

Dhyāna is a Made in Italy brand of premium quality leaf teas and natural herbal teas. Ethics, originality and naturalness are the values that distinguish its blends. Created to convey unique sensations, even beyond a time break, the blends are offered in recyclable and environmentally friendly filters and packaging. The products, which are organized in the e-commerce by format, origin and type, tell a fascinating world of ingredients, flavors, history and traditions, and reflect the founder's passion for oriental cultures.


  • Naming and logo graphic design
  • Strategy consulting
  • Graphics and corporate image
  • Web and creative design
  • Responsive design
  • E-commerce development
  • Content creation
  • Packaging
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Advertising
  • DEM
  • Photo shooting

Brand Identity

The name Dhyāna has been created after a careful study of the tone of voice to evoke the concepts of slowness, calmness and conscious tasting of the brand. Coming from Sanskrit, the word means “vision” and identifies a stage in the meditation process. It comes from afar, just like the offered teas and infusions. Based on these milestones, the design of the symbol was born. Representing the brand identity, it was enriched by the payoff "Natural leaf tea" that aim to enhance the concept of naturalness of the blends. YAK Agency has created all the paper and digital materials to support the communication of the brand, including letterhead, business cards, email signatures, promotional flyers and graphic declinations for social channels – Facebook and LinkedIn.


Product packs, such as packages and filters, supports for packaging and shipping have also been created for Dhyāna. They have been designed not only in graphics and copywriting, but also in the choice of materials and treatment for an exclusive result.

Sviluppo E-commerce is not only a portal for the sale of blends but also a website that accompanies users as they discover all the nuances of the project, including the founder's passion for oriental cultures, the search for socially responsible producers and the selection of sustainable packaging. YAK Agency has dealt with the design and development of the e-commerce, designed in order to enhance the identifying values of the brand (quality, naturalness, originality). A clean, essential but impactful style has been chosen. In order to convey all the peculiarities of the project and enhance the individual products, the Agency also took care of the texts that has been translated into English and German. By doing so, it was possible to enrich the experience of the website visitor with emotional images, taken from the photo shoot of the brand.

Social Media Management

The activity of social media management is based on the promotion of Dhyāna products, teas and herbal teas in bulk or in filters. It includes also the drafting of an editorial plan and the community management in Italian language on Facebook and Instagram channels.

Digital Advertising

To further promote brand awareness of the channel and give visibility to the brand's products, YAK Agency takes care of the advertising investment strategy for the creation of performing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram channels. 

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