The Project

Criocabin is an established company producing refrigerated furnishings with contemporary design. After a UX study, YAK Agency transformed the client’s digital image by creating a graphic concept conveyed through high quality product pictures. Moreover, a new product configurator was developed, which was also compatible for mobile devices.


  • Strategy consulting
  • Web and creative design
  • Website development
  • Product configuration


When rebuilding the website, we decided that user experience and functionality should be the main focuses. Therefore, we studied consumer navigation path aiming to guide web visitors to the Criocabin product page. Moreover, we took similar action for the mobile version, where we dedicated even more attention to the configurator.


The company needed to coordinate all of its marketing activities to deliver consistent message, so we designed the website side by side with the printed material, a fundamental step to build a strong brand image in the market.


The product configurator, graphically redesigned, is a very important tool to communicate the accessibility and flexibility of Criocabin’s products. With customised accessories and colorways, we better adapted to the customers’ needs. The configurator’s mobile function is a value-added feature which conveys how much the company cares about meeting customers’ desires.

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