Confapi Padova

The Project

Confapi Padova is the Association of Small and medium-sized Enterprises of Padua. Since 1997, it has represented the culture, creativity and entrepreneurial commitment of one of the most important industrial areas of Italy. Adhering to the Italian National Confederation of Private Small and medium-sized Industry, the organization supports its members to play an active role in the complex system of economic, social and productive relations in which they operate. It welcomes entrepreneurs who want to commit themselves in first person for the right recognition of the value and function of their companies in the local production system. Confapi Padova includes three business units: Veneto Più, which is specialized in training, work and consultancy, Confapi Credit, which is dedicated to facilitated finance, and S.P.A.D.A Confapi, which provides services in high level training and business strategy.


  • Strategy consulting
  • Brand and corporate identity
  • Logos graphic study
  • Website development

Logos graphic studios

Since its inception, the association has always been represented by the image of a lion, symbolizing the passion, enthusiasm and charisma of the entrepreneurs. In redesigning the official logo of Confapi Padova, YAK Agency has kept the animal as the protagonist, identifying the Association and its three divisions with four different types of manes.

Brand and corporate identity

Starting from the development of the new logos, the coordinated image has been redesigned for each division. It was then declined in the institutional materials (paper and digital), including business cards, letterhead, email signatures, brochures, flyers, statute, code of ethics and website.

Website development

The new institutional website of Confapi Padua has been designed to be a single reference portal for members.  Topics such as a rich proposal of news, in-depth analysis, studies and market researches can be found inside the portal. By doing so, the reader can always be informed and updated on the news of the local and national entrepreneurship. The websites of the three divisions of the association are connected to the main site All of them are designed with a modern design and identification of their respective areas of activity. Although it is very articulated, the menu has been developed to be intuitive and facilitate the navigation of users, even from mobile.

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