The Project

The Italian league against cancer (LILT) – Provincial Association of Padua is a non-profit organization that operates in Padua and its province, following the principles defines by LILT Headquarters, a body recognized as a Public Body on a membership basis, which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. Thanks to the attendance of many volunteers and professionals, LILT Padua promoted and implements initiatives to raise awareness of prevention and early diagnosis in the field of oncology, as well as providing tangible services to meet the needs of the territory, patients and their families in their own prevention-premises, trough outpatient activities and community projects.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Graphic design
  • Photo and content production
  • Visual content adaptations


YAK Agency took care of devising the creative campaign for the collection of new memberships, with a main communication based on the concept of "good resolutions for the new year" and figured through the image of a yellow post-it hanging on the refrigerator of the kitchen. The campaign was promoted on various channels, from tabular advertising to digital sharing, and personalized gadgets (post-it notes with magnets) were also created for the occasion.


Maintaining the creative vein of the post-it, the agency worked on the campaign for the collection of 5x1000, conceived as an invitation to remember that prevention is synonymous with serenity, and therefore that donating 5x1000 to LILT Padova means concretely supporting prevention oncology, guaranteeing personal serenity and that of one's family members. For the campaign, photo shootings were carried out to create an exclusive visual uniquely attributable to LILT Padova, with the active participation of some members of the association (doctors, volunteers and institutional representatives). For the promotion of the campaign, the team worked on all the variations and graphic adaptations: street billboards of different formats, advertisements in magazines, posts and covers for social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram), updating of the institutional website and production of flyers.

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