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1° classificato corporate identity

The Project

The Azienda Ospedale Università Padua is recognized as a Hospital of National Importance and High Specialization and as a Hub Hospital of Excellence of the Veneto Region. The hospital complex, located in Via Nicolò Giustiniani 1, in Padua, provides healthcare services in a process that inseparably includes teaching and research activities, and represents a point of reference for the realization of institutional collaboration between the Regional Health Service and the University of Padua.


  • Strategic consulting
  • Logo design
  • Corporate image management
  • Graphic design
  • Content production
  • Web and Creative design


Logo design

YAK Agency took care of the restyling of the official logo of the Azienda Ospedale Università Padova. The new logo presents a modern architectural representation of the Giustinianeo building, the historical hospital of the city of Padua, in particular a detail of the façade of the structure looking onto the internal cloister, and suggests the value of its mission through the union of several geometric elements: at the base of the symbol there are in fact two people (rectangle and circle) joined by the arch of the central door, to represent the patient/doctor binomial and the variety of services/departments of the Company that provide continuous healthcare.

Corporate image management

Starting from the development of the new logo and the study of a renewed graphic concept the agency completely rethought the company's brand identity, dealing with designing and producing all the institutional materials (for paper and digital media), such as business cards, staff badges, letterheads, envelopes, press kits and gadgets. Furthermore, in order to regulate the use of the new visual and verbal elements of the brand in all its forms of communication (corporate materials, signage, advertisements and editorial productions), a brand manual was created containing guidelines to be followed, respecting the tone of voice, values and visual identity of the company.

Brand elements

new iconography

Examples of application of branding elements


In addition to the institutional materials, the creative team developed a multi-subject advertising campaign multi-subject advertising campaign on the occasion of the "National day against violence against Health Professionals", dealing with the creation of the concept and declining all advertising materials (flyers, posters, web banners, social posts). In addition, during the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, the agency collaborated in the realization of the information supports in two languages (Italian and English) to point out the different swab and vaccination points and inform patients about the safety rules in force in the hospital.

Web and creative design

To make the official portal ( - as well as the main channel of online communication of the company - a functional and intuitive site, a complete restyling of the page design was carried out (homepage, internal pages and pages of  new services such as Telemedicine), aiming primarily at improving the user experience and facilitating the main actions of booking, payment and document retrieval that the user usually performs at the hospital. The new design, in addition to making navigation more fluid, logical and faster, has been co-ordinated with the stylistic choices of the brand’s new communication and enhances the excellence of the structure and the exceptional nature of the city of Padua.

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