The Project

For over 30 years Albimec has been dealing with precision mechanical machining, offering complete and customized solutions. The company produces a wide range of parts according to specific drawings for each customer, taking care of the entire order, such as all processes from the purchase of raw materials to the management of any external processing. ISO 9001:2015 certified, the company operates in several sectors – biomedical, food, lighting, modeling and agriculture. To date, Albimec has a young and dynamic team. Thanks to the acquisition of high quality performing machines and continuous training, the team is s constantly growing.


  • Website development
  • Content production
  • Photo shooting

Website development

Albimec's new corporate website has been redesigned with a modern style. It has been conceived to convey the precision of mechanical processing and attention to details, the company's strengths. Structure, user interface and tree of the site have been designed to be simple and intuitive to facilitate user navigation, even from mobile.

Photo shooting

A photo shooting has been organized for the realization of high quality shots for the website. The photos show the interior and exterior of the headquarters, the work team and all the elements of Albimec's production, such as machinery, raw materials, with particular attention to the details of processing.

Content production

YAK Agency took care of the writing of the texts of portal pages, written in three languages (Italian, English and German) to meet the target audience of the company, in a technical but easily understandable language by users.

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