The Project

YAK Agency collaborates with Team for Children O.D.V., an association committed to supporting Paediatric Oncohaematology patients of the Hospital od Padua and their families, contributing with various communication activities (press office, social media management, organisation and promotion of charity events, creation of promotional material and merchandising) to promote the Association's aims and to raise funds for its projects. Every year a campaign for the collection of the 5x1000 is promoted with the aim of inviting taxpayers to make a conscious choice when filing their income tax return and to increase the visibility of the association in the territory.


  • Creativity and graphic design
  • Visual contents adaptation
  • Photos and content production
  • Social Media Management

Creativity and graphic design

Every year, YAK Agency designs creative campaigns with a strong impact, focused on communicating the value of the daily work carried out by the association. In 2021, the multi-pronged campaign, the children were the protagonists, as the first beneficiaries of donations, highlighting the concrete effects that can be generated by fundraising and conveying a feeling of hope for the future. For the 2022 campaign, a single-subject conceptual visual was designed to reaffirm the right of every child to live lightly, a state of mind represented by the yellow chick feather.

Visual contents adaptation

The campaigns were promoted on different channels, from billboard advertising to digital sharing. The team planned: billboards (size 6x3), bus back panels, advertisements on magazines, bi-weekly social sponsorship (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram), update of the institutional website, monthly sending of a newsletter dedicated to 5x1000 and creation of a postcard to be distributed to citizens. 

Social Media Management

YAK Agency managed the official social channels Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram with the creation of single image posts and mini albums collecting the various campaign creations. The team also involved, in collaboration with the association, members, volunteers and representatives of local institutions to create videos inviting people to donate, to be shared on the social channels of the Association.

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