5x1000 campaign Team for Children Onlus

The Project

YAK Agency has been working for years side by side with Team for Children ONLUS, an association committed to supporting the Paediatric Oncohaematology patients of Padua hospital and their families, contributing with different communication activities (press office, social media management, organisation and promotion of charity events, creation of promotional material and merchandising) to make the ONLUS' aims known and to raise funds for its projects.


  • Creativity and graphic design
  • Visual contents adaptation
  • Photos and content production
  • Social Media Management

Creativity and graphic design

We projected a campaign that is simple and clear, but with great impact, focused on the will to communicate the value of the daily work carried out by the association. It was decided to make the non-profit organisation's mascot, a chick, the spokesperson for this message, and to symbolically represent it with a heart in its hands. The concept was then declined in four versions, each of which conveys an aspect of Team for Children's mission.

Visual contents adaptation

The campaign was promoted on various channels, from billboard advertising to digital sharings.
The team envisaged: 6x3 roadside posters, films for the back of buses, advertisements in magazines, bi-weekly social sponsorship (Facebook and Instagram), updating of the the institutional website, monthly dispatch of a newsletter dedicated to the 5x1000 as well as the creation of a postcard to be distributed to citizens.

Social Media Management

We took care of the management of the official social media, Facebook and Instagram, creating single-image posts and mini albums in which the different creations of the campaign are collected. In addition, the team has involved, in collaboration with the association, some members, volunteers and representatives of local institutions in the creation of videos, in which people are invited to donate, to be shared on the ONLUS’ social channels.

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