NonSoloSport Week


NonSoloSport is an Italian brand that, with 60 stores across the country and an online store, combines sports, fashion, quality, and convenience in a wide assortment of footwear, clothing, and accessory brands. In early September 2023, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, NonSoloSport entrusted YAK Agency with managing the communication for the "NonSoloSport Week," an extraordinary event open to the public to celebrate the anniversary. This event featured unprecedented multi-sport experiences and culminated in the "NonSoloSport Race," a special edition of the well-known 5 + 10 km charity race organized annually by the brand in the heart of Padua. The race is promoted to support selected local non-profit organizations dedicated to the support, care, and accommodation of children and their families.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Concept Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Production

Concept Development and Material Design

YAK Agency was responsible for creating the event's creative concept and designing all the materials, both digital and print, necessary for its identification and promotion, such as flyers, roll-ups, advertising posters, tram and bus wrappings, the official technical T-shirt, and content for social media, newsletters, and advertising campaigns.

Social Media Coordination

YAK Agency's creative team coordinated the graphic outputs for the customization of the brand's social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for the 30th anniversary, devising a dedicated editorial plan and creating specific multimedia content in the formats of posts, reels, and stories.

Content production

The agency created a commercial brochure aimed at seeking sponsors for the event, handling its graphic design and writing all the content. The goal was to tell the brand's story, present the "NonSoloSport Week" event program, and offer brand exposure and enhancement opportunities for supporting companies.