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YAK Agency, innovation is here: the region Veneto crowns Padua

5 January 2019
20181213 YAK Agency prima azienda in Veneto per innovazione e merito

Dalla Dea and Cecolin’s young agency at the top of the chart of the region. 30% of its turnover comes from export and from the sectors sport, tourism and retail.

YAK Agency is the most innovative and deserving agency in the region Veneto. The communication agency based in Padua hit the top of the chart compiled by the region for the assignment of the European tender POR FESR 3.5.1.A consisting of over 30,000 euro. First before thousands of companies, the agency obtained the maximum score thanks to the features of innovation, sustainability and solidity of its entrepreneurial project. Communication and digital channels, this is the focus of the agency, born out of the fusion of the long experiences of Marco Dalla Dea and Giovanni Cecolin. They are both just over thirty years old and met at school, at the Liceo Scientifico Statale Alvise Cornaro in Padua. After having worked independently for years, the friends created a company that now includes about 20 collaborators. 

High education level, innovative products, training and curriculum: these are the strengths that have enabled the agency to beat pharmaceutical companies, engineering firms and food industries. At YAK Agency people speak English before Italian, sometimes Spanish and Chinese, too. It’s not only about languages: the agency includes people form three different continents. It’s the target market that goes beyond boundaries, since exports makes up 30% of total incomes, which in 2018 amounted to almost 900,000 euro, with a +20% in comparison to 2017, which is far beyond the average of the sector.

“This result confirms the market’s feedback, which has always rewarded us in the last years” claims Dalla Dea “More than the prize itself - which affects our turnover for some tenths of percentage points - what matters the most to us is the fact that we came first in a region like Veneto, a place where small business and competitiveness are founding values of the society. This is something to be really proud of”.

“We do not recognize ourselves in the definition of start-up”  claims Giovanni Cecolin. “This is not our first adventure. Our company is the result of years of study, experience and know-how, which enable us to offer our clients a product that they cannot find elsewhere. And this is possible thanks to our work method and to our collaborators, who are our real strength. We are specialized in sport, tourism and retail, but we also work for important industrial and b2b companies".

“We are going to invest this prize in technology and above all in training “ they add “We live in an interconnected world, where transnational competition and tools are global. The future - in all sectors - will depend on ideas and on the capacity to transform them into facts”. 

The city of stars, especially at Christmas time: the campaign

The municipality of Padua entrusted YAK Agency with press and digital communication of the 2018 edition of Christmas in Padua, the traditional festival that includes attractions for adults and children, concerts, markets and various events. Creativity and graphics, web communication, video and photo production, social media strategy, multichannel promotion (TV, newspapers and cinema) and press releases are the activities that the agency has dealt with to communicate all the events that have taken place in Padua from November 23 to January 6. An integrated communication that includes all the main means of communication, from the traditional ones (TV, web, newspapers and billboards) to innovative channels (social network and cinema), to share a simple and emotional message: Padua is a city of stars. At Christmas time even more. 

Article published in the newspaper "Il Mattino di Padova" on 5th January 2019 

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