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YAK Agency brings the first Full-Wrap tram to Padua

9 December 2019
tram natale padova 2019

An absolute novelty for Padua: from the 8th of December to the 8th of January the city will count on an entirely decorated tram. Thanks to a total wrapping of the vehicle, the inhabitants of Padua will have the chance to immerse themselves in the Christmas celebrations on board of a red tram, with walls and winds representing the symbols of the decorated city: the starlight on the domes of the Basilica of Saint Anthony, Palazzo della Ragione covered with snow, the lights in Prato della Valle, the colonnades full of people, and much more. 

The creative idea comes from YAK Agency, which has managed the promotion of “Christmas in Padua. A city of lights”, the project of the Municipality of Padua that includes all the Christmas-themed activities of the city: markets, concerts, events, workshops, and attractions.

Following the example of the main European capital cities, which use the means of transportation to communicate, we have thought to transform the tram and decorate it with the same elements that we use for the campaign: colors, drawings, and words - claims Giovanni Cecolin, YAK Agency’s Managing Partner and Creative Director - We wanted to surprise and do things big. This is why we did not limit ourselves to occupy some advertising spaces, on the contrary, we conceived a total wrapping to cover the entire vehicle. One thing we are certain of: this tram will not go unnoticed”.

We like to think that means of transportation can gain also an iconic dimension, that they can convey messages and not only move people, just shedding their skin in accordance with the context - continues Marco Dalla Dea, YAK Agency’s Managing Partner and PR Director - The tram has become part of Padua’s panorama: we thought it was important that the tram, too, like the rest of the city, gets decorated on the occasion of Christmas time”.  

The tram wrapping was realized with the contribution of PROMEX - Special Company of the Padua Chamber of Commerce, with the support of APS Holding and BUS Italia Veneto and the supervision of YAK Agency and the Municipality of Padua. 

The promotors’ idea is that this might be only the first of a long series of promotional and advertising campaigns, to involve the local companies and means of transportation in a fruitful collaboration of public and private entities.