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Non-repayable contributions and financing for e-commerce: there is time until the third of June

11 May 2021
Finanziamento Simest

The deadline for applications to obtain non-repayable contributions and low-interest loans for EU and non-EU e-commerce projects is approaching: the click day is on the third of June. 

Good news for companies which want to strengthen their position and grow in foreign markets! From 3 June 2021 it will be possible again to access the mix of aid for internationalisation provided for by the Fund 394/81 and managed by Simest S.p.a. which, among the aid measures designed to help companies during the Covid-19 pandemic, has provided for a financial subsidy for e-commerce, structured as follows:

1. a non-repayable share of up to 10% of the request entered in the application

2. a loan at a subsidized rate for 100% of the eligible project expenses (introduced for the first time with the Cura Italia decree D.L. n. 18/2020)

3. exemption from the provision of guarantees

The procedure for assessing applications will follow the chronological order until the available resources are exhausted.

What is it and who is it aimed at?

Among the 7 instruments in favour of business liquidity and internationalisation, the Fund covers expenses relating to the "Development of E-Commerce in foreign countries for the dissemination of goods and services produced in Italy or under the Italian brand name". The funding covers up to 450,000 euros (in the case of developing one's own platform) or 300,000 euros (in the case of linking up with a third-party marketplace) to cover 100% of the budgeted expenses, up to a maximum of 15% of the average revenue resulting from the last two approved financial statements and two complete financial years. 

Two proposed solutions

1. create your own IT platform for e-commerce;

2. use a market place aimed at electronic commerce provided by third parties.

Both must have a national top-level domain registered in the foreign country and must concern goods and/or services produced in Italy or distributed under the Italian brand name. The financing covers 100% of the expenses, up to a maximum of 12.5% of the average revenues of the last two years, and is disbursed 50% as an advance and the remainder as a balance. Maximum amount that can be financed: € 300,000 for the creation of an own platform and € 200,000 for the use of a market place provided by third parties. Duration of the loan: 4 years, of which 1 year of pre-amortisation.

Exemption from guarantees until 30 June 2021

The conditions for granting subsidised loans become more advantageous. Companies can benefit from a guarantee exemption until 30 June 2021. The company will thus be able to materially receive the financing within approximately one month from the start of the preliminary investigation.

Projects in Europe are also accepted

The operations of the 394/81 Fund have been extended to European Union countries. Applications for low-interest loans can now be submitted for projects in EU or non-EU markets.

The Click Day, i.e. the day indicated by INAIL in which the ranking list for the disbursement of the incentives is established, drawn up according to the time of insertion of the applications, is fixed for next 3rd June 2021. YAK Agency is able to offer to companies that want to participate an effective advice and practical support in the preparation of documents for the application, in collaboration with accredited bodies. 

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